History and Mission

There is something special about Fall in Thomasville, GA. The season welcomes a coolness in the air, marks the opening of hunting seasons, and celebrates specialty experiences like the Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival. PWAF has become one of fall’s favorite highlights – and this year, the Festival turns 22.

PWAF started as dinner party conversation between Thomasville Center for the Arts President Board member Louise Humphrey  and Robert P. Crozer. With the board’s help, the first two event chairs, Crozer and Margo Bindhardt, turned an idea into reality inspired by the history of Thomasville’s vibrant plantation community.

Throughout the ante- and post-bellum periods, sporting and wildlife artists often journeyed to plantations to observe wildlife, enjoy the sporting culture, and practice their craft. From this, Crozer and Bindhardt designed an event pairing Thomasville’s cultural history to the tastes and needs of great wildlife artists and art collectors today.

For 22 years, the Festival’s proceeds benefit Thomasville Center for the Arts. The organization is dedicated to serving as a catalyst for artistic expression, arts education, and creative economy in Thomasville and the surrounding region.

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